This is why I love the internet

It began for me a long time ago – a love of reading, of investigating, of learning new information. I read every book in our bookcase at home, visited the library (both school and public) and still I wanted more. I even read all of our World Book encyclopedias! When Mum and Dad bought our first computer, I was about 13, and a new world was opening up. One cd rom could hold mountains of information – and stuff like Encarta kept me going for a while…but then – in the early ’90s…came the internet!! Yes, it was slow at first – infuriatingly so – but wow – a bookshelf that never ran out! As the years have passed, and with the explosion of content sharing mechanisms such as blogs, and wikis, as well as tools that allow you to randomly access the wealth of material out there (StumbleUpon and Reddit, I’m looking at you) this bookshelf has grown richer and more involving. It has transformed from a one way channel of text to multiple streams of whatever multimedia you can dream of – images, videos, music, text…and the interactivity means that whenever you have a question – no matter how obscure, no matter how simple or complex – someone out there has an answer for you.

This morning, when I saw this:

Freezer Friday

Click on the image to see the entire album

I was reminded once again about the amazing sharing and the insights we can gain from this powerful tool. This guy is clearly a gifted cartoonist – and using his freezer as his canvas is genious – however just 20 years ago, his talents would never have been viewed by myself; particularly if he restricted himself to the freezer!! Today, I can not only enjoy his sketches, I can share them with you – and so will countless others.

The power of sharing our talents and wisdom via the internet never ceases to inspire me; and provides me with the tool to become a lifelong learner in ways I never could have imagined if I was born even 40 years earlier…this is why I love the internet!!!


6 thoughts on “This is why I love the internet

  1. Angela

    I love the way you express your enthusiasm for reading and learning. I too am an avid and very fast reader. I love reading a book in a night. Though sometimes I feel like a walking encyclopedia since my reading is largely online and there is an infinite supply of material. It is infinite, as none of us will even scratch the surface in one lifetime! I guess the big learning for us all is how to critically assess all this information, and then, what to do with it? Knowledge for knowledge sake if you read as much as I do…. sometimes I wonder if I will have a brain explosion!

  2. Sandra Sinfield (@Danceswithcloud)

    One of the things that I like about the internet, Twitter and FaceBook is the very contingency and accidental nature of it all. I love popping randomly into those spaces and clicking a link and finding something wonderful there… and usually somehow being able to fit it into the thought framework of that very moment. Of course this is very ‘bad’ practice. It is not systematic, well-organised and rigorous research – it is not rigorous anything – and there can be those panic-filled moments when my OCD self frets about all the ‘stuff’ that I have missed… But it does feel rather magical – the thought equivalent to the iChing or Tarot: proving that the message is in the reading…

    Anyway – I am glad that I have finally realised we are a Quad – and hope that we work out well.



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