Selling the Future

I viewed these videos on my iPad as I sat on the couch. When I finished watching them, I double clicked the bottom button on the iPad and flicked to the Google Plus app where I started typing. I then thought better of this- why not write a blog post and simply post the link to G+? So I flicked to my WordPress app, and began typing there.

It wasn’t as entirely seamless as the glass and Microsoft videos suggested, but it was pretty amazing, particularly as only 10 years ago it would have been science fiction- typing on a tablet, connecting wirelessly to the net, flicking from app to app after viewing HD video on the same device…

I found these videos to suggest a utopian and dare I say false view of the future. I definitely believe the technology is in our lifetimes…but like all advertising, this technology will not bring with it a population where everyone is beautiful, living in perfect nuclear families, working in funky offices and yet still having time for Mum to advise on the bake sale.

It was fascinating that while all of this modern technology had supposedly transformed our lives into Vogue magazine shoots, the kids still learnt traditional algorithms while sitting at the kitchen table, and the teacher still stood at the front of the room while the kids sit in rows. Even the multi-touch colour table (which looks like awesome fun!!) is still used for a rather low level learning activity- overlaying colours and matching them to pictures……not that inspiring……

I also found it interesting that the screens in both videos only featured one app at a time- unlike my desktop at work, which has two screens and multiple apps operating and demanding my attention- email, Twitter, chat and my project work all have windows visible. Perhaps this simplicity added to the calm and in control tone to these videos, where technology clearly dominated and directed (an invite from a dress shop sees the busy Mum ditch her meeting to buy clothes) and yet did not seem to overwhelm.

Viewing a possible future constructed by marketing departments is always going to be fraught with danger- but, after reading my fellow quad blogger Rick Bartlett’s post, , perhaps we need to introduce a bit more blue sky thinking and entrepreneurship into our goal setting and planning in education- a little utopian dreaming has never hurt Microsoft after all!!


2 thoughts on “Selling the Future

  1. María

    Key, your video its fantastic! I love it!… And I´m completely agree with your comments… its just new technology with “cero” intercations with studentes, all of them behaving in the typical class way and acting as always??? We are not oding this in our Digital learning course… we are interacting 24X7 with different ideas, opinions and expressing ourselves by twitter, blogs, the wiki course and so on… Definitely, real live is more interesting than any virtual and utopy live

  2. Rick Bartlett

    Kay, I appreciated your insights on the videos, how they were very advanced on one hand, yet basic and almost backwards on the other. I did notice in the Microsoft movie that it seemed like FaceTime was something new which made it feel out of date while other aspects were very futuristic.

    I wonder if this theme will come through next week as we discuss what it means to be human. Even though both commercials promote an advanced technological future, people basically act the same. Is that because we haven’t truly thought about the impact of these technologies on our humanity? Just a thought.

    Thank you as well for the link to my blog, what a surprise!


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