Workshops and Papers

These are exemplars of the workshops I have run. I create a range of digital and hard copy resources to support workshops so that participants are supported not only during but afterwards. Workshops and keynotes can be tailored to your needs/group size and can be inspirational or hands on – the goal is to leave participants excited, enthusiastic and empowered.

In 2015 I was thrilled to be an invited guest speaker at the 13th Annual EARCOS Teachers’ Conference, “Language for Life” which was held at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia.
At this conference I presented four workshops, focusing on Content Curation, Creative Commons, Makerspaces and Digital Literacy.

Resources to support workshops on Contemporary School Libraries may be accessed here.

Further evidence of my work may be seen on the ResourceLink Blog which I administer:
I am the key writer for this blog, which receives approximately 2000 hits per month. Articles I have written include
Young People using Social Media positively: Authentic, real world learning opportunities
Does the Apple fall far from the tree? – Sharing one iPad among many users
Top Tips for Tweeps – A step by step introduction to Twitter
Bringing Augmented Reality to Life – in the classroom and the workplace


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